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How to restore our climate back to Pre-Industrial revolution temperatures for land,sea and air and how to restore atmospheric Co2 to 300ppm.



Transfer the "Kinetic Energy" in the moving Gulfstream directly into "Mechanical Energy" and then into "Electrical Energy" to reduce man made Fossil Fuel GHG's. Sea surface temperatures can be regulated at the same time power is generated to any temperature between 70 and 90 degrees fahrenheit in order to restore the summertime Northern Arctic Ice extent and mass.This idea will also weaken land falling hurricanes prior to their arrival to the shoreline, reduce severe weather,reduce tornadoes,reduce drought,reduce flooding, prevent ocean floor methane ice melting, prevent melting of permafrost,prevent methane escape from permafrost melt,increase albedo,reduce arctic amplification, prevent Co2 escape from permafrost melt,prevent coral bleaching,prevent hypoxic oceans,prevent red tide,restore ocean PH,prevent extinction of many land and oceanic species and bring atmospheric Co2 values down to pre- industrial revolution values of 300 ppm, etc,etc..Depending on how much cooling forcing and electrical power generation we create with them will determine how fast we can restore our climate. As the now cooler sea surface temperature in the Gulfstream that have exited the tunnels at the surface migrates Northward at about 5 to 6 miles per hour into the Northern Atlantic the air sea interaction with the cooler sea surface temperature cools the atmospheric air temperatures above the water. This now cooler air gets mixed in with the polar vortex which will help cool the North Arctic thus restoring ice extent and mass during the summer melt off which is now at very low levels... Hurricanes upwell cool water also and so you can see how this idea will work... This technology can also be used and combined with OTEC..

Category of the action

Reducing emissions from electric power sector.

What actions do you propose?

Need to build approximatly 1020 tunnels to span the width of the Gulfstream near Miami Florida/Key West and Kuroshio current near Tiawan. Computer modeling of concept will give us how many,how big,where to place them and what set point is needed to input into the temperature controller to perform desired cooling and how much power generation is needed to get us back to 300ppm Co2 in our atmosphere... Basically,you are suppling X amount of green energy to the grid while at the same time you remove the same X amount of fossil fuel energy from the grid while cooling at the same time if the cooling is needed based on computer models..The tunnels have a cooling phase and non cooling phase associated with them and can produce power in either phase based on the postion of the the three way temperature control valve TIC-026 in the link above...

Who will take these actions?


Where will these actions be taken?

In Deep Western Boundary currents near Miami Florida , Key West Florida,Yucatan current near Mexico and the Kuroshio Current near Taiwan.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

What ever 13 triilion joules per seven seconds can offset in carbon once built.

What are other key benefits?

Other key benefits are reduction of particulate matter in our atmosphere which is a known carcinogen and leads to asthma,heart attack,skin cancer, lung cancer,heat stroke,drought and stroke.....Prevent oil and gas spills and leaks.Since man made fossil fuel GHG's do not care what heat sources become trapped in our atmosphere ( including the heat from nuclear power stations,nuclear cooling towers and nuclear cooling canals) this idea lowers those fossil fuel GHG emissions and allows the heat that would have been trapped by them to escape our atmosphere and be reradiated back out to space once again and thus cool our planet off again to what it was prior to the industrial revolution..

Climate change: Solutions to a big problem - San Francisco Climate Change |

What are the proposal’s costs?

20 billion or much less if we use the profits they make to pay for new ones along the way..

Time line

10 years or less if mass produced..

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Climate change: Solutions to a big problem - San Francisco Climate Change |