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The people have over looked an alternative energy system. Our system is a pneumatic / electric generator , fuel less with zero Co2 emission



We have redesigned the electric motor by using an electromagnetic clutch to drag the field coil forward .  This unlocks the electric motor giving a fixed input current higher rates of rotation .  The system contains a pneumatic pressure cycle that increases the velocity of the system and reduces the amount of electrical current required for sustained rotation.  An electric motor driving a generator will not self sustain unless added rotational pressure is applied. We have used a pneumatic pressure cycle to obtain this. The pressure system will repressurize itself . The system cycles pressure and reintraduces generated current to obtain overunity production of electricity. For a more detailed description go click " fuelless generator".

Category of the action

Reducing emissions from electric power sector.

What actions do you propose?

We would like to see this system connected in multiple assemblies powering a large motor that will drive a large generator to power cities . The direct impact upon the utility company is beneficial both financially and for the ecology.  Making fossil fuels more expensive with a carbon tax does not fix the carbon dioxide problem. We have designed a system that can make the utility company more money in an environmentally friendly way. The system we are proposing is versatile product that will also be applied to the transportation sector. In lieu of a fuel tax a perpetual motion device tax could provide funding for the incentives given to the utilitiy company to adopt the new generation system. This will also help them avoid fines for polluting the environment with toxic substances.

Who will take these actions?

Design Desk Inc. would like to partner with world governments to see the changes implemented.  Since climate change is a global problem we would ask world governments to adopt our electrical generation innovation and then direct part of the money gained for poverty reduction in their respective locations.

Where will these actions be taken?

Climate change is a global problem and it will take the cooperative effort of all world governments and their people.  We are simply presenting the tool that will enable the correction to take place.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

Our business plan involves the stepped chain reaction implementing this system in a way that will chain react and expand. The correction of the transportation system will allow for resource funding directed to the oceanic desalienation systems and the power plant systems. These primary pathways can lead to a complete reversal of global warming caused by carbon dioxide.  The fuelless electric automobile has in its design a carbon scrubber futher reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment.  This feature is optional. Currently a carbon scrubber used for power plant operation is a system that cannot make much headway. With our system a carbon scrubber can be powered by our fuelless system and have a much larger impact.

What are other key benefits?

Some other additional benefits of implementing this system are oceanic desalienation plants for fresh water from the ocean. Currently the world has a water problem that climate change will compound. With this system a cost effective method of removal of salt can be attained.  Also the removal of oil as a prime mover in the farming cycle can be of great benefit to the people as it will reduce the price of food.

What are the proposal’s costs?

The individual generators cost is incendental compared to the fuel cost on an annual basis. Coal fired power plants contain hidden cost in the environment that the utility company only bears by force of law.  Since our business plan is one that is designed to expand in stages the cost of implementation is obtained by the implementation of the initial product being the automobile. We intend to license the system to automakers once the prototype has been completed.

Time line

Implementing the fuel less self sustained perpetual automobile will have a direct impact within a short time period.  Because the systems are actively removing carbon dioxide from other peoples internal combustion exhaust it will speed the global correction.  The automotive fleet replaces itself with new products in general about every 15 years  and if this is done with our improved product the change will be apparent.  The power plant and oceanic desalienation plants can also be phased in in the short term by demonstrating the cost effectiveness of switching to the advanced system.  As it presently stands we have to do more than just stopping carbon emissions. We have to actively remove the excess that is currently in the atmosphere to produce stable levels of carbon dioxide. Within 20 years if the product is embraced the complete correction could occur.

Related proposals

Our product is original and does not exist in prior art.