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Mark Hurych

Jun 18, 2013


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No need to sync and some cost savings. I like it. While we're connecting continents, why not connect 6 including across the Bering Strait? Such an idea was recently shared this year among other global fixes:

Francis Van Staa

Jul 9, 2013


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Another place that might benefit, I'm told, is Japan! After the Fukushima Melt-through accidents they found out it's not very practical to have TWO different power grids. One at 50Hz and one at 60Hz I think it was. With HVDC you can connect the two and boy do they need that!

2013electricpowerjudges 2013electricpowerjudges

Aug 12, 2013


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Interesting to put forward an approach to reduce losses associated with transmission, but the proposal does not address the costs of building HVDC lines and also shows a lack of familiarity with how to do mesh design. There are also some statements of fact in error: the proposal suggests that there is a 50 percent lost in transmission but the actual loss is almost an order of magnitude less