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Lee Nhan

Mar 11, 2013


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I had a complete solution for energy but difficult to access .I'm should I do to develop it Intended to find solutions Technology and Alternative Energy for the energy crisis and aims to develop new ideas with impact on Economics and the Environment. Please add my new energy sources 100% Green Activities such as wind power, but not necessarily placed outdoors, working 24/24h See my model wind energy. simple - mild-effective-inexpensive, can be placed anywhere in the southernmost islands north pole ( the Arctic and Antarctica )(even cold weather) It is located in a closed cycle -not too noisy - not interfere with the direction of the wind Details at

Elizabeth Leonard

Mar 11, 2013


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it appears great minds think alike, as your plans are very close to what i have in mind.thanks for your input and comments

Robert Dedomenico

Jul 12, 2013


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Actually, Beth, skyscrapers without any such wind turbine modifications simply let the wind go past. Trying to harness that wind with turbines at the top of skyscrapers would require a greater reaction force exerted by the building against the wind, through the wind turbine. It's a lot like the keel of a sailboat... when the sail is in luff, there is no significant push for the keel to resist... but when the sail is trimmed for power it is like a single linear turbine blade, and the keel must resist the force trying to blow the boat directly downwind. I hope that helps.

2013electricpowerjudges 2013electricpowerjudges

Aug 12, 2013


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This proposal would be improved by including critical details on costs, potential energy yields, etc. We encourage you to keep working with the CoLab community and your colleagues to develop your proposal and enter again next year. Thank you!