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Rob Laubacher

Oct 23, 2012


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On October 22, 2012, Thomas W. Malone, John Sterman, Jason Jay, and Robert Laubacher of MIT led a Sloan Innovation Period (SIP) class entitled “The Climate CoLab: Working with People from All Over the World to Address Climate Change.” In the class, students generated a series of initial ideas for selected Climate CoLab contests, voted on the ones they liked best, and then created proposals in the CoLab based on the top-ranked ideas. The initial ideas generated for the “Land use” contest were: - Build on-site waste to energy plants to reduce landfill methane emissions, - Adopt urban planning approaches that use landfill as raw material for infrastructure (e.g. highways) - Change crop mix, for example by shifting to high value, soil-regenerating crops such as sea buckthorn - Adopt rotational agriculture or grow crops amidst forests - Subsidize hydroponic production of food

Pia Jensen

Apr 2, 2013


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Consider desertification: TED Talk > How To Green The World's Deserts And Reverse Climate Change...

Adam Saunders

Apr 21, 2014


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Hello! My name is Adam Saunders, I was a finalist in the 2013 Climate CoLab competition in the Agriculture and Forestry category. I wanted to check in and invite interested folks to the upcoming Urban Agriculture Conference hosted by the Horticulture Society of New York on May 29th and 30th. The non-profit that I helped co-found in 2008 has been invited to deliver the keynote speech at the event, and I would be honored if anyone from the competition would be willing to join us. I will be in New York from Thursday morning to Sunday afternoon if you’d like to connect outside of the conference. Many thanks for the opportunity to share my ideas with the on-line community last fall. It is a very helpful exercise for to explain the vision for my next venture of coordinating supply lines for forestry/farming/agroforestry systems. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you’d like to connect. Please forward this email to anyone who showed interest in my pitch last fall. Many thanks! Adam Saunders Public Outreach Coordinator Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture 573-356-9392 (cell) 573-514-4174 (office)