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remote sensing and GIS to analyse these patterns and their effects on land use and ecosystems in Indian megaregions.




The study will employ remote sensing and GIS to map land use transformations and environmental degradation in Bangalore, Pune and Coimbatore, India, supplemented with demographic, environmental and administrative data.  This will begin by mapping region wise urbanization and land use change within each region using LANDSAT remote sensing and demographic data. Case studies will be analysed using higher resolution remote sensing data (IRS) and local fieldwork.  The analyses basically will examine 1) regional and local variations in urban development, (3) consequences for environmental degradation (green space and farmland depletion, impermeable surfaces, fragmentation of landscapes), and (4) predictive models and policy-relevant findings for local and national governments.  Regional stakeholder workshops will contribute to capacity-building.

What actions do you propose?


Policy recommendations will be published in academic forums and on the project website, as well as in the published products of the research.   Project will be carried out and presented in consultations with regional local stakeholders as part of the workshops, and results will be shared with the regional media.  

Who will take these actions?

Regional stakeholder workshops and participation in stakeholder and academic forums will further reinforce capacity building. Actions would be provided by the local stakeholders whereas the scitific theory would be putforth by the group.

Where will these actions be taken?

These actions will be taken in regions of Bangalore, India and same will be applied to cities of Pune and Coimbatore which are in verge of extreme urbanisation

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

Probably the data will reveal the extent after investigations

What are other key benefits?


Large-scale urban development is emerging as a primary source of environmental change in India.  More of this development will take place in India.  Both urban dynamics and their environmental consequences require analysis at a scale that can capture their regional dimensions.  The project combines a focus on land use, ecosystems and environmental change.The analyses will directly address issues at the interface between policy and science. 

What are the proposal’s costs?

Costs of this propsal will include, requirements for Field investigation, along with two project assistants to assist in the job with salary mentined as per norms. Further aquistion of latest satellite data also is required, Finally, requirements of office consumables.


Time line

Time line is 2 years.

First six months - Data collection and archiving.

Next six months analysis using satellite data and deriving required boundary objects. Interim report.

Next six months field analysis and data validation,

Final six months for reposrt preparation and submission.



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