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I would like to solve multiple problems; hunger, forest, climate, poverty, unemployment, international relations, help to others and so on.



Dear Sir / Lady,

My idea is very simple;

1- Creating new fruit or vegetable forests; olive, apple, orange, ..

2- Hiring farmers there who were unemployed, 

3- Sending products of these forests to the people of the Africa or other people who are suffering from the hunger. 


What actions do you propose?

The actions;

1- Making agreements with the governments to use their lands to the African people or the other hunger people; - Project will give them the fresh air and robust nature in their own country, - Project will provide jobs to the farmers, - The products will go to the needed people and never be sold in the markets 

2- Collecting the money for the young trees or collecting the young trees directly,

3- Hiring unemployed people of the country there,

4- Gathering the products in their due times,

5- Providing transportation to carry them to the Africa,




Who will take these actions?

1- Bono, the UN President, ...

2- Governments,

3- Donors like Bill Gates, ..

Where will these actions be taken?

Countries which suffer from the lack of the forests


How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

Enough level for the each country which accepts the land use

What are other key benefits?

1- Awaking people about the other people's problems,

2- Provoking people about to create a healthy and profitable nature,

3- Global Peace and good International Relationships between countries; - Provider land use & - Profiter from the vegetables or fruits,

4- Forest profits against drought, landslip, ..   

What are the proposal’s costs?

Almost nothing because we will use the unused lands and we will only need for - The young trees - Salaries to the farmers - Transportation .. those can be donated easily.

Time line

- For the help; 100 years or until the end of the hunger,

- For the income (after the hunger ends); 100s of years.  

Related proposals

I have no other proposal about this subject


This idea comes from myself, solely.