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Geo-Safe (CDR) is a self-funded and effective Carbon Dioxide and Methane Removal Process where all benefits go directly back to the people!




                                           Major Challenges:

(a) . . . The world's top climate scientists agree that greenhouse gases (GHG)s are major contributors to our planetary dilemma.

Carbon cycle geoengineers, all over the world, are working feverishly on machines and methods to safely remove carbon from our atmosphere with no unintended consequences!

(b) . . . It is estimated that food supplies will have to double in the next 40 years to feed a population of nine billion.

If we expand this population growth to also include the added burdens of fuel, climate change, and new plant and animal diseases . . many planetary leaders believe we must seek new directions to provide the essentials needed for tomorrow.


What actions do you propose?

                                        The Solution:

                 Strategic Intercropping and Growth Patterns

We need the dynamic leadership of governments and universities to teach specialized information and applications to help everyone within each participation country.

This non-profit entity is self-funded as every dollar that is paid into each carbon tax fund will go directly and indirectly back into the local, regional, and global infrastructure of sustainability.


If we collectively focus on strategic intercropping and growth patterns, we can help neutralize the greenhouse gases of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4).

A new study has revealed that Christmas trees, pines, spruce, and birch are powerful and effective absorbers of the super greenhouse gas of methane (CH4). 

Fruit, nut, and super absorber trees, intercropped with biochar and compatible vegetation can help provide the essentials of food and biomass fuel that we desperately need for future survival.


                             A small simplified example;

This is 9 random plantings of fruit, nut, pine, spruce etc. trees with NO strategic intercropping and growth patterns on approximately 3 acres of land.

        (#) equals one planted tree.




                                               (#)                (#)

                                       (#)                 (#)


                                    (#)                        (#)


These are the same 9 trees (#) with compatible vegetation  (/// =*= ///) planted on 3 acres of land using strategic intercropping  and growth patterns.


                                   =*= (#) =*= (#) =*= (#) =*=



                                   =*= (#) =*= (#) =*= (#) =*=



                                   =*= (#) =*= (#) =*= (#) =*=


To stabilize the global atmospheric levels of methane for one year - researchers believe this would require either the removal of 33 million cars from the roadways for one year, or the planting of 55 million acres of trees.

I believe our planet has enough land, not being utilized, as a result of mis-management to neutralize this situation.

I believe healthy trees should absorb carbon gases, and strategic intercropping should be used for food, biofuel and biochar. 

                                   THE BOTTOM LINE:

If our planet would collectively use this simple but effective variable (hundreds of billions of times) we could help neutralize the pollution in our atmosphere and stabilize food and associated products for those in need.

PLUS . . . those dollar$ that would normally be paid into a carbon tax fund will go directly and indirectly back into the local, regional, and global economies to re-energize and maintain a viable infrastructure of sustainability.

We could once again become prudent stewards of the earth! 

Who will take these actions?

Where will these actions be taken?

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

What are other key benefits?

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

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