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Christopher Rhie

Jun 14, 2013


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Hi Brent, Thanks for your proposal. I think this is an innovative idea that addresses both environmental imperatives and workforce needs. It's not as directly tied to climate adaptation as some other proposals, but it's intriguing nonetheless. I think you could strengthen the proposal by fleshing out the costs - what exactly is it going to take to get this program off the ground? Thanks! Chris

2013civilsocietyadaptationjudges 2013civilsocietyadaptationjudges

Jul 3, 2013


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Thank you for your proposal. It had interesting elements, and we appreciate the thought and work that went into it. Here are suggestions for improving it: • To further develop your proposal, the judges recommend that you add a budget and institutional framework. • The issue addressed is complex and politically sensitive. The language used when referring to illegal immigrants could be considered offensive.

Brent Ranalli

Jul 3, 2013


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Thank you for the feedback. At the moment I am collecting contacts and resources and seeking to generate interest. A budget and institutional framework will certainly be forthcoming. I would be very grateful if you could be more specific about which language could be considered offensive. Feel free to communicate with me privately about this. I believe the program could lead to overall positive changes in the opportunities and protections available to Mexican workers, and I certainly don’t want to alienate readers/listeners when I describe it. If the project description I have posted will be archived indefinitely, I would be grateful for an opportunity to revise any possibly offensive language. Sincerely, Brent