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An internet+mobile platform to help China's local govts reach out for help to manage growth well in a time of rapid urbanization.



Leaders call for more collaboration between citizens and local governments to ensure harmonious growth in a time of unprecedented urbanization.

AlexSteffen says it well: "t seems it can't be said enough that in the next 40 years we'll build more city than all the city we've ever built put together. One of the pressing questions is "Are nation-states capable of becoming facilitators of great sustainable urbanism?" Jury's out."

Baoshan, Shanghai, China, March 31, 2013 –  Launched today at the China International Urbanization Forum, the HeYue City 和悦社区 Internet application ( allows citizens from around China to constructively voice their suggestions on solutions for areas of improvement in their neighborhood. It allows citizens to come together locally to think through approaches, and allows local governments to share and showcase the top-rated solutions that cities should take into consideration for action. Environmental organization JUCCCE and software developer Augmentum jointly developed the HeYue City app for web and mobile use.

The China International Urbanization Forum, co-organized by the China Center for Urban Development, the World Economic Forum, and the World Bank on March 30 and 31st in Baoshan, Shanghai, brought together delegates from around the world to explore innovations in tackling the challenges of fast-paced and large-scale urbanization.

Robin Ried, Head of Urban Development at the World Economic Forum, said that "the delegates at the China International Urbanization Forum clearly called out the need for a way to engage citizens in helping government productively urbanize in a harmonious and healthy way. The timing of the HeYue City application launch could not be better."



Category of the action


What actions do you propose?

Peggy Liu, Chairperson of JUCCCE and a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Sustainable Consumption, points out that “to green China, citizens need to play an equal part of the solution along with government and industry. This online platform that allows people to positively and productively voice their ideas is a new innovation in collaboration.”

The Chinese language HeYue City app is a potential game-changing use of a scalable technology platform to extend the ability for local governments to manage the rate of change across an ever-growing infrastructure and extend the ability for government to respond to the needs of its citizens.

People across China can take pictures of areas in their neighborhoods that they would like to see improved and post a suggested solution. Other HeYue City users can help build on that solution. Suggestions can be rated and sorted by the ones that are most constructive and actionable. Users can share suggestions easily on the top social media platforms Sina Weibo, Ren Ren, QQ and others.

A single consolidated map shows where suggestions are in the neighborhood.

More screenshots of the HeYue City app can be found at

Leonard Liu, CEO of Augmentum, says that “it just makes sense to tap into China’s digital citizens to create responsive neighborhood networks.” China has one of the biggest Internet populations, at over 500 million Internet users. Of these people, more than 400 million access Internet services from their mobile phones. “Augmentum is proud to partner with one of China’s leading environmental organizations to help create tools for more harmonious civic engagement in China.”

Who will take these actions?

Product development: China sustainability organization JUCCCE and software developer Augmentum.

Student contest for suggesting improvements to campuses and neighboring areas: Partnering with the Green Campus Network of over 100 universities, high school and elementary schools.

Pilot with governments of mid-sized (4-6m population) cities.

In talks with a large TV/Internet media company to do a year-long campaign to showcase the HeYue platform. 


Where will these actions be taken?

Across China. The app is in simplified Chinese and works with the top Chinese social media platforms.

What are other key benefits?

In a non-democracy, this platform gives voice to constructive citizens who want to help improve their neighborhoods, together.

What are the proposal’s costs?

The app has been developed with pro-bono services and volunteers.

Time line

The platform beta is launched.

Android app available April 15.

iOS app available April 30.

First introduction to 40 Chinese mayors and central bureau heads: April 24.

Student contest across China: Sept-Dec.

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