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Mike Matessa

Sep 27, 2011


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I agree that open source will be an important part of future change and that it has already made important contributions (Linux, Wikipedia, etc.). Could you talk a little more about how you think the status quo can be changed? For example, what incentive would Microsoft have for giving up profits gained from proprietary software?

George Mokray

Sep 28, 2011


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Internalize Economy in Earth Ecosystemby vishal Open Source Information Age Economyby tedschulman Intellectual Property Exchange,2009 ©.by boris-lagutin Systems of Collective Intelligence by dsweeney Platform for mutual development to reduce resource consumption by haller Ongoing Global Brainstorm by gmoke Fix the system - get a global 'circular economy'by blindspotter Environmental Balance Index: ecosystem internalized money. So collective aspiration to procure, prosper and evolve economyby taras.bebeshko All of these proposals advocate open source/crowdsource mechanisms to speed response to climate change, at least as I read them. It seems we each have different parts of the puzzle and should consider collaborating whatever the outcome of the contest.

2011 Judges

Oct 11, 2011


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Overall assessment: Interesting ideas but may not have as much impact in the developing world, where the majority of emissions growth is projected to occur in coming decades. Specific comments and suggestions for improvement: - Use open source concepts to the entire economy. Well meant, but this is a 1st world “internet” concept. Climate impact vague. - I liked some aspects of this proposal, although I had a harder time seeing as a global proposal and more of a developed world proposal. I hope that the team could consider working with the ‘change US energy in one growing season’ team in the next stage, to explore ways to merge the local ideas in that proposal with the dissemination ideas explored here.