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John Rosebush

Jan 25, 2013


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We know electricity, compressed air or hydrogen will be the only power sources available to us in the future (50 to 100 years from now) The only exception will be a small amount of biofuels we probably will produce for special situations. Alternative energy (electricity) will be used to create the hydrogen or compressed air. One of the biggest challenges we will face is the how we convert electricity to hydrogen and hydrogen back to electricity. This will allow us to essentially transport electricity to places remotely where electricity cannot be created. This will require the most safest and most efficient way to make the conversions and safely store it. This will be one of the biggest challenges we will face. Another huge challenge is powering our aircraft with hydrogen or compressed air in the future. As far as being able to create electricity in mass, I have created an invention that can generate 150 to 200 TW of continous clean Eco friendly power distributed around the world. I will soon unveil this invention to the world. It will require our planet to come together to cooperate and assist one another instead of combative approaches we see today. I haven't decided how I plan to unveil the invention yet. Things are still unfolding as I write this note to you. I respect MIT and all the contributions you have delivered to the world over the years. Your one of the most respected research facilities in the world. I also believe in the way you address issues with your team collaborations.