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James Greyson

Oct 1, 2011


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Hi Juan Carlos, Great to see you back with your plan, thanks for adding. Did you see already the contest rules and terms? Terms are at and include what you wrote about copyright that the copyright remains yours. Please check what is written about sharing the work so you are sure you're happy with it. Since time is short before the deadline I have taken the liberty of marking your proposal as an entry in the contest. I guess this is your intention? Please check the rules/terms linked in the admin tab to ensure you're happy with them, since making an entry shows your agreement with them. Have also given your proposal a name (based on your pitch) so it shows up in the proposals list. You can edit this up until the deadline. It would be good to say a few more words if possible about the content of the plan you have in mind for climate. On a quick reading it looks a bit like the plan is to have a plan ;-) I like how you set climate in the wider context of other risks affecting the survival of civilisation and agree we need a bigger plan too. James

Juan Carlos Reyes

Oct 1, 2011


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Thanks James for the comment, this projects had no copyrights in the past, the real reason to add this copyrights is if someone wants to implement it, only have to contact me, but I want to be sure to participate in the implementation of the project too, the project and my help are free of course.

Moderator Team

Oct 11, 2011


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Thanks for your participation in this year's contest. We appreciate all the work over the years that has gone into your thinking about what should be done about climate change. It seems it was difficult to summarize all that thinking in a brief proposal. We greatly appreciate your contribution to this year's context.