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To cure a disease, you attack the cause of a disease. You don't just treat the symptoms.


Academia suffers under the delusion that government wants to help Humanity.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  All governments are corporations for profit operating under Admiralty Law and subject to the secret world government.  Asking the UN or any government of a major courtry to help us is tantamount to asking one's mugger not to take too much of one's money and not to cause too much pain in the process.  Almost everything we've been taught is a lie.  We exist within their matrix of lies, conditioned to think of it as harsh reality.  We must wake up to the ugly truth, so we can deal with it effectively.  JFK told us about them in his Secret Societies speech the summer before they murdered him.   Ike told us, too, in his Councils of Government speech.  He called them the military industrial complex. 

Over the past several hundred years, a tiny group of psychopaths, the Khazarian Zionists (non-Jewish illuminati banksters, the "zi" in Nazi), have worked within their multi-generational plan to secretly hijack ownership of Us and of everything of any value in the so-caled "free" world.  They've successfully instituted all ten of the planks of the Communist Manifesto in America and most governments.  They infiltrate and gain control by blackmail, bribery, coercion, debt, murder, etc.  They started all our wars with lies so they could fund, supply and prey on everyone involved.  They fraudulently indebted our nations and us and willfully destroyed the global economy, so we couldn't make our fake mortgage payments.  And now, they're foreclosing on Humanity's fake debts. 

In the 1933 Emergency Banking "Relief" Act and HJR 192 they unlawfully took over control of America under their privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank and branded the American People as "enemy combatants," reducing us to the slave status of US citizens: their property. Their One World Government plan is so diabolical that most folks won't allow themselves to believe it until they're standing in the lines to the concentration camps.  But, what most people are unaware of is that these psychotic monsters believe themselves to be the direct descendants of the Annunaki, ancient aliens with technology lightyears beyond that of modern man. They won't be happy until we're all camped out beside vacant suburbs killing each other for food, so they will have an excuse to institute open Martial Law and their One World Government. 

They wrote in granite on the Georgia Guide Stones that they plan to kill ninety percent of us and openly enslave the rest.  They're the source of most of Humanity's common problems.  Proof that they think of us as rats (the invading hordes) is in the fact that they add fluorosilicic acid to our drinking water supplies, a device they instituted when they ran Hitler's concentration camps.  Fluorosilicic acid is a highly poisonous waste coctail that comes from the smoke stacks of fertilizer plants, containing 23% sodium fluoride (RAT POISON), mercury, lead, arsenic, barium, cadmium and palonium 20 ~ all serious poisons, the latter of which are known radioactive carcenogens.  It amuses them that they force us to pay them extortionist's rates to perpetually and gradually poison us.  This heinous crime against humanity causes hundreds of diseases and neurological disorders and conditions (unknown before fluoridation) for which their drug industry can sell us treatments for symptoms: but never cures.  No filtration process can remove fluoride from water.  Even distillation can only remove about 20% of it, because the fluorene molecule has only one atom more than water.  And, fluroide is the most common active ingredient of commercial pesticides.  So, agricultural runoffs and discharges from our waste water treatment plants perpetually poison our rivers which perpetually poison our oceans.  Fluorosilicic acid is the "acid" that in fifty years killed our nation's coral reefs that took hundreds of thousands of years to form.  Cuba and other nations that don't fluoridate their water have pristine reefs.

We must develop systems of actual democracy (to publicly define, proclaim and achieve our true will),  through which we may democratically decide the following:  We must apprehended, try, convict, sterilize and permanently segregate the Illuminati from civilization.  Their illgotten wealth (most of the world's wealth) must be confiscated and evenly divided among their victims: all people of the so-called free world and the people of their IMF's victim countries.  All their deceptive laws containing words with secret meanings and incomprehensible legaleze must be re-written in commonly defined simple language and contain no writing which is not germain to the title of each law.  Or, we could go back to the Common Law.  All prisoners convicted of a victimless crime must be freed.  A scientific means to test people for predatory tendencies must be developed and administered universally, removing all human predators from free society.  They declared war on Us.  To allow them to continue enslaving Us and destroying Our world is insane.  To defend ourselves from them is Our only sane course. 

The above should straighten out the world's economy, clear up their ecological disaster, enable our children to safely play in our front yards unsupervised, empower Us to leave our homes unlocked as we cooperatively work to promote the true will of The People and advance Humanity peacefully and prosperously into the stars.

"When a well laid web of lies has been sold to a people gradually over time, the truth will seem utterly ludicrous and its speaker a raving lunatic." ~ Dresden James.