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James Greyson

Sep 21, 2011


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Hi Jonas, thanks for adding this. I especially like your emphasis on mutual ideas sharing between developing and developed countries. Have you found any existing internet sites for exchanging best practice that do what you have in mind? Would you like future sites to do something new that isn't already happening? If the info is available on sites what would bring it into use sufficiently to be able to tackle global problems such as climate? How could we avoid marginalisation of sustainability information, with volumes of info expanding exponentially but overall societal response remaining static? How would your ideas fit in with other internet-based proposals on the CoLab? James

Jonas Haller

Sep 26, 2011


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Hi James Thank you for your comment. Most of the listed sites are no longer available. Serves more as a directory, no concrete material online. "Share the best in development, policy, practice and research." Many research papers over a broad range of topics in development. Contains manuals on how to do things. Very few pictures are used for the explanations. Our new site would be for knowledge from practice with photos and the possibility to connect to the other people that have already applied a certain technique. Hence, we create some sort of an online community. Since the platform's focus is on sustainability information, we can easily avoid it's marginalisation ...? The overall societal response will increase, as soon as our project gets known in different parts of the world. Or have I misunderstood your question: "How could we avoid marginalisation of sustainability information, with volumes of info expanding exponentially but overall societal response remaining static?" Sofar, Jonas

George Mokray

Sep 28, 2011


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Internalize Economy in Earth Ecosystemby vishal Open Source Information Age Economyby tedschulman Intellectual Property Exchange,2009 ©.by boris-lagutin Systems of Collective Intelligence by dsweeney Platform for mutual development to reduce resource consumption by haller Ongoing Global Brainstorm by gmoke Fix the system - get a global 'circular economy'by blindspotter Environmental Balance Index: ecosystem internalized money. So collective aspiration to procure, prosper and evolve economyby taras.bebeshko All of these proposals advocate open source/crowdsource mechanisms to speed response to climate change, at least as I read them. It seems we each have different parts of the puzzle and should consider collaborating whatever the outcome of the contest.

Daimon Sweeney

Oct 1, 2011


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What is the mechanism driving the generation of articles? I believe a good intention is not specific enough given the stability of the status quo, which is demonstrated by the evident resistance to significant change, especially in the US. And as we see in international agreements on climate, goals are easily ignored and are negotiated on a political basis in any case, not based on environmental science. What will drive this project to make a big impact given the hold of the status quo?

Moderator Team

Oct 11, 2011


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Thanks for your participation in this year's contest. We hope you will continue to contribute to the Climate CoLab.