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James Greyson

Sep 6, 2011


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Hi Muhammad, welcome to the CoLab and a load of thanks for adding this proposal. It's great to see proposals like yours responding to other proposals and to see new approaches, such as your prioritising societal awareness ahead of economic incentives. You mentioned NATO, it would be great to see a link or reference so people can follow more closely. If you're referring to my paper I'm sorry but I don't think NATO even know it exists - they just funded an interesting programme to support ideas about security. You're very welcome to comment on the paper directly if you wish, or to comment on the Fix the System proposal that uses one of the ideas in the paper. How would you compare your proposal to classic environmentalism, such as we've seen over the past 40 years or so? This seems to share your emphasis on awareness raising and then proposals for taxes? Would love to know more about 'circulate economy' - is it like 'circular economy'? Love the 6 months timescale of your proposal. Jut the kind of ambition the world needs! James

Moderator Team

Oct 11, 2011


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Thanks for your participation in this year's contest. We hope you will continue to contribute to the Climate CoLab.