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The socio-economic change, which focuses on social change first and then step by step movements towards the proper limited economic change.



Executive summary


My proposal consist of some of the simpler ways through which can slowly and gradually turn towards the change of economy or economic policies for green environment.

 We have been talking about to change the economy system but we all know that all of the concerned people are trying for it from past 20years but failed to do so, rather these talks are only limited to talks rather then actions.

 What I have included in my proposal is some the basic and small steps that can help us assure the proper step by step movement for which first of all we need to create a full fledge heavy social change in the environment rather then economic change, we have been talking of all these things but yet no proper actions have been taken or if taken are limited to a week, a conference, a mean of marketing etc as I believe NATO papers was one of them.

 We all know that its impossible to circulate economy keeping in view the current status of recession, what I mean to say that we should focus on social change first rather then economic change, its easy to convince customers rather then to convince producers as this world revolves around money



Muhammad Shahid, a local student from Peshawar, Pakistan



 THE SOCIO-ECO: the first 6 months towards a change 

  • First of all we should create awareness, among the countries using youth particularly to create proper awareness for why this change is necessary and the benefits the world could get out of it and if not taken proper steps where could we lead to it
  • Explain all the things that are causing such problems for e.g we should cut the GHG levels to the local people first rather then the producers for it.
  • As a pilot project, one should involve all the governments of the members countries for to create AWARNESS, on one Sunday all the private vehicles should be closed, only local busses,trains, Ambulances, taxis (optional), to be used rather then private vehicles… that will insure proper awareness for all the people of that particular country
  • Through funds and all the money we should create proper disposal system as mean of awareness for one country each atleast and should be properly aired and covered


  • After the proper, id like to say proper awareness scheme, there will be more complex steps that need to be taken for socio-eco change..
  • Aware consumers to not to avail what kinds of products, that can cause increase in GHG levels
  • Taxes should be implemented on such products of which funds should be directly given to THIS BODY WHO WORKS ON THE ENVIRONMENT, for future project associated with the same mission


  • Investment should be made and such products who helps in cutting the GHG levels should be tax free, incouraged and if we can form such a company that will be essential for all


  • The use of BIOCHAR , as mentioned in one of the proposal, this report can be worked very well with the same proposed method of the use of the BIOCHAR

Why: Rationale for the proposal


As we all know and as i mentioned earlier, none of the impacts has been possible to sustain environment and economy yet, all the conferrences, steps are in vain with a little or no impact at all... all the steps and procedure in my reports are easy to be implemented and through this we can have more of us who actually care about the enviroment, we might come accross more practical proposals during this campaign that can actually do something for the betterment of the enviroment, we should focus on awaring the people rather then mass governing authorities

How: Feasibility of proposal


The proposed actions in my proposals are very simpler as the reader itself will be able to easily understand and implement, all we need is the combine efforts for impleting these actions with a proper channel and means and support our activities through not for profit organization : for eg Peshawar Youth Organization in Peshawar, Pakistan a volunteer group of youth of more then 6000 members works free of cost for the betterment of the city,