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George Mokray

Sep 28, 2011


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Internalize Economy in Earth Ecosystemby vishal Open Source Information Age Economyby tedschulman Intellectual Property Exchange,2009 ©.by boris-lagutin Systems of Collective Intelligence by dsweeney Platform for mutual development to reduce resource consumption by haller Ongoing Global Brainstorm by gmoke Fix the system - get a global 'circular economy'by blindspotter Environmental Balance Index: ecosystem internalized money. So collective aspiration to procure, prosper and evolve economyby taras.bebeshko All of these proposals advocate open source/crowdsource mechanisms to speed response to climate change, at least as I read them. It seems we each have different parts of the puzzle and should consider collaborating whatever the outcome of the contest.

Daimon Sweeney

Sep 28, 2011


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I agree. It seems clear that open source in one form or another is the way to go - an ancient but newly empowered (by the Internet) human capability becoming available in this new global form just in time (hopefully) to enable us to save our collective butts. Enabled by the Internet and with shared questions (and with the appropriate information infrastructure) we can think together in a massively parallel processor mode, all working on the pieces of the problem that attract us and interacting to evolve a set of mutually enriching answers. So where does it go from here? That's my question. My entry won't be selected because it doesn't have emissions projections and is not a mechanical or price "fix" which seems to be what they are looking for, but I am very interested in how this whole field will evolve.

Jonas Haller

Sep 30, 2011


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Hey dsweeney! I like your proposal a lot! And I think, we should follow gmoke's advice and combine our proposals, what do you think? You can fully edit my article and integrate your concept into it, also, add yourself to the team. Once your on our team, I will also help you editing ... About the title, we can of course also work on it! Cheers!

Moderator Team

Oct 11, 2011


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Thanks for your hard work! Your proposal presented an interesting collective intelligence solution with questions motivating people to change. However, reviewers thought that there are numerous projects already doing this, and that the proposal doesn't seem to say how to make sense of this multiplicity nor how it could have any policy impact if "support from governments is not needed".