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Mike Matessa

Aug 23, 2011


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Great idea to use abundant solar energy to replace dwindling wood supplies. Could you go into more detail about how the solar cookers could be manufactured and distributed and what the costs would be?

Josh Introne

Aug 25, 2011


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Hi arline-j - This is a great start, and probably a piece of the overall puzzle. But as it stands, it seems like it's just a piece. For example, if you accept the dominant scientific consensus, the problem of climate change is due primarily to emissions, rather than ozone depletion / contamination. Since the developed and developing world is primarily responsible for the bulk of the emissions, it would seem that a viable global proposal to address climate change would say something about this. So, is there a way you could extend your plan to address the global emissions component more explicitly? Or perhaps it would make more sense to migrate this plan to the national level contest, to address the needs of a country where large scale rollout of solar cookers would make more of a difference? Or maybe you would like to collaborate with others? If you are interested in having the CoLab team find collaborators, post a comment here and we'll see if we can do some match making.

Moderator Team

Oct 11, 2011


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Thanks for your proposal. It addressed the important solution of cooking with solar energy. However, reviewers were looking for more detail.