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Intellectual System (IS) and Intellectual Property Exchange (IPE) will make IP more appropriate to environmental requirements, 2009 ©.



Executive summary

At present I actively seek co-founders (partners) with whom I could improve and realize my innovations: Intellectual System (IS) and Intellectual Property Exchange (IPE) based on unique and unusual principles and methods, 2009 ©. Intellectual System and Intellectual Property Exchange are special systems which could give authors of results of intellectual activities a financial, informational and communication support. The systems are related to each other. Moreover, these systems could, as I suppose, gradually drastically change present economics and make it much more innovative. Also IS and IPE will largely stimulate creating intellectual property more appropriate to environmental requirements. Unfortunately, my innovations IS and IPE can not be realized in Russia now. Maybe later. USA is the most comfortable country for starting my projects. Moreover, United Kingdom, Canada, German, France, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Australia, Sweden, Spain, Italy and some others are suitable for the projects. 

Intellectual System (IS) consists of a special website, a special billing system, a special system of communication and a commercial firm. Anyway, instead of the commercial firm another commercial organization may be incorporated. Intellectual System is based on unique, unusual principles and methods. Despite Intellectual System is a commercial project, one of its main goals is financial support for authors of intellectual property. Most of incomes received must be spent on this support. Intellectual System (IS) is not a marketplace!

Intellectual Property Exchange (IPE) is a marketplace for trading Intellectual Property of any types! This marketplace is based on new and unusual principles and methods. I admit that possibly it is necesary to make some amendments or additional changes in national laws and international agreements. Particularly I have a range of the amendments and changes which may be made in the United States of America but I do not know the system of USA laws because of that it is necessary to take professional expertise over these points.  

Both Intellectual System (IS) and Intellectual Property Exchange (IPE), as I suppose, could create the special atmosphere of compettition and give a reasonable financial support for the authors. In my opinion, all the foregoing could lead to creating better intellectual property fulfilling ecological requirements.

My innovations are unique and unusual because of that it is difficult to compare them with something else. There are not similar projects (innovations) in the world. However, current projects which I know are related to intellectual property trading accentuate their activity for owners (not authors) of intellectual property, on the contrary my projects largely orient to authors of intellectual property and stimulate them to create intellectual property more sophisticated and more appropriate to environmental requirements! Furthermore, there are other principal differences which make Intellectual System (IS) and Intellectual Property Exchange (IPE) unique and distinct. So my projects are commercial and I would like to get royalties for their using I am ready to disclose all details, including my own commercial secrets to governments or organizations related to governments but I would like to ask them that in case if they receive any profits from using my projects they will pay me royalties not more than 5% of total incomes! The royalties are a subject to discussion.

Also I suppose that it may be necessary to change some rules and sign new agreements to support the good development of IS and IPE projects in according to environmental requirements in different countries. In terms of the agreements, I think that they should be flexible and reflect interests of both developed countries and developing ones! 

Moreover, as known, Science (fundamental research and basic science) can not develop in traditional market conditions but Intellectual System (IS) and Intellectual Property Exchange (IPE) are based on new unique principles and methods. In this way IS and IPE, as I suppose, will develop fundamental research and basic science! I think the latter is one of the main advantages of Intellectual System (IS) and Intellectual Property Exchange (IPE). 

Additional information about Intellectual System (IS) and Intellectual Property Exchange (IPE) may be seen on my blog:


Now I seek partners to improve and realize my projects: Intellectual System (IS) and Intellectual Property Exchange (IPE). I invented them alone but I understand that they are not complete. To complete and realize the projects it is necessary to gather a team of high professional specialists: IT-specialists, programmers, mathematicians, lawyers and others. Moreover, understanding the complexity of realizing the innovations it should be said that only large companies can realize Intellectual System (IS) and Intellectual Property Exchange (IPE).


By creating Intellectual System (IS) and Intellectual Property Exchange (IPE), as I think, society could make the most profitable market in the history and orients its economy to making the best innovations fulfilling environmental conditions. Also IS and IPE could impel any individuals (children, pupils, students, adults, pensioners) to enlarge their own level of knowledge and skills. 

Why: Rationale for the proposal

I suppose creating intellectual property more respective to ecological requirements and making authors of intellectual property richest are desirable by everyone who is wise and sensible. Furthermore, concerning developing countries it can be said that creating Intellectual Property Exchange would be interesting for these states because they could receive the choice in getting intellectual property more appropriate to their needs and environmental requirements.

In terms of developed countries, Intellectual System (IS) and Intellectual Property Exchange (IPE) could stimulate people to create intellectual property more appropriate to environmental requirements. Also IS and IPE would create a special competitive atmosphere which could in its turn impel people to create intellectual property more and more appropriate to ecological conditions.

How: Feasibility of proposal

The hard task is to realize the projects: Intellectual System (IS) and Intellectual Property Exchange (IPE). When they done all processes of changing economics will gradually and naturally evolve in the world. Of course, there will be many features in different points during realizing IS and IPE in distinct regions but all will be going on naturally mostly. However, I suppose in some cases it will be necessary to change some laws and agreements. I do not know exactly whether it is required to change some laws to start the projects as I said before the professsional legal expertise should be taken about this point.

In terms of financing the projects, I think it may be private or governmental investment. But this investment is necessary only for starting the projects. Intellectual System (IS) and Intellectual Property Exchange (IPE) are commercial and they will profit for themselves. However, most of money received will have to be spent on a social part of the projects, especially on improving IS and IPE systems and on payouts to the authors. The latter concerns with Intellectual System (IS).

Vision of the future under this proposal

Firstly, Market of Results of Intellectual Activities would be the most profitable in the history, in my opinion. Secondly, I suppose that all types of industry and other spheres would become more innovative and environmental. Thirdly, innovations would better and quicker be realized. Fourthly, many present osbtacles against promoting better innovations would be eliminated. Fifthly, Intellectual System and Intellectual Property Exchange could make authors richest! Sixthly, IS and IPE projects could help make Economy of INTELLECT. Of course, these ones are not all advantages which my projects could create, in my opinion.

P.S. Also I would like to say that if it is necessary I shall be very glad to visit MIT in USA and discuss all points about the projects: IS and IPE systems.