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James Greyson

Aug 16, 2011


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Hi Steve, I've added a suggested title for your proposal, "Smaller safe cars" so people can learn more about it when they look at the list of proposals. Please feel free to edit this to any other title that you prefer. At the moment the proposal looks like advertising for your patent so I wonder if you would like to develop the small cars theme more to suggest the scale of opportunity in replacing large cars/trucks with smaller vehicles, perhaps as part of more localised travel and distribution? Can this be calculated as a reduction in emissions? What would be the other benefits in reduced accidents, travel time, fuel costs, local economic revival etc? Best wishes James

Mike Matessa

Aug 24, 2011


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Sounds like a great idea to get people to use smaller cars. Could you expand your proposal to talk about the impact that smaller cars would have on the global economy? James has some good starting points above.

Josh Introne

Aug 25, 2011


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Hi shopa - I certainly like the idea of smaller safe cars! I was wondering if you could do a little more to help tie it to the overall theme of a global solution to climate change. For instance - with your invention: - How much could individual cars be downsized in the global fleet? - How much of an emissions reduction does this imply? Even if this doesn't "solve" climate change, it could be an important piece! So, if you could elaborate a little more, perhaps others could pick up your proposal and include it in a more comprehensive one!

Moderator Team

Oct 11, 2011


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Thanks for your participation in this year's contest. We hope you will continue to contribute to the Climate CoLab.