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I have a US patent to make small, energy efficient cars much safer in collisions. The rest of world can use for free.


Executive Summary:

The world needs smaller cars in order to burn less fuel and generate less CO2.

Smaller cars are less safe in collisions. I have invented a way to make small cars safer.

Team:  I am a lone inventor with two US Patents.

Why: On my website is a chart that shows that riders in smaller cars are TWICE as likely to die in collision as riders in larger cars. People will not buy small cars that are not safe.

What: My invention has bumpers that extend outwards from car that compress polyurethane foam to

absorb collision energy, and reduce g forces on passengers. Bumpers can be retracted to park.

Vision: Invention can be used for free outside of USA. Lives and fuel will be saved.

Need car companies to evaluate invention.


Detailed Description:

Cars are a major source of CO2 which is warming the Earth and causing climate change. Cars that are smaller use less fuel and produce less CO2. This is true for gasoline, diesel and electric vehicles.

However, the laws of physics are immutable, and a smaller and lighter car will do worse in a collsion, even if it is made from the strongest materials. To reduce the g forces, there must be large crumple zones that will absorb collision energy over a distance and through time.

My invention adds crumple zones to small cars and makes them have lower g forces in collisions.

Another of my inventions is an Adaptive Bumper that changes the amount of energy absorbing material that is used in the collison, based on the intensity of the collision. Having too much energy absorbing material in a low speed collision is bad, because the material won't crush at all, and will do no good.

The cost of adding my invention will be offset by the cost of steel that can be removed from the car. Right now, the car companies are spending a lot of money on high cost, high strength steel that is somewhat lighter that conventional steel. This costly steel gives the same protection at a lower weight, and lower weight gives better fuel economy.

If the US car companies adopted my invention, they would have an advantage over foreign brands, and US auto employment would be increased. My US patent gives me the control of who is allowed to use the invention.